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pat testing

As part of your ongoing appliance electrical safety testing, STS Electrical Services 

can assist you in complying with current Health and Safety regulations. Electrical safety is our top priority for the wor

k environment, public areas as well as domestic properties.

Using the Seaward Apollo 500 tester, our engineers utilise the latest in PAT testing technology to ensure your equipment is properly tested. Our PAT testing engineers take great care with the inspection and testing of each appliance.

A record is made of the items tested and a PAT test certificate is given upon completion of the tests. Our customers will receive a free consultation to establish the frequency of formal visual inspections. At the same time the regularity of the combined visual inspections and testing will be established. Our PAT test pricing structure for Galway and the West of Ireland offers affordable rates for landlords and small businesses as well as medium to large companies.

What Types Of Premises Require PAT Testing?

Do you own, manage or work in any of the environments below?

  • Offices
  • Hotels, guest houses
  • Schools
  • Public buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Restaurants
  • Landlords
  • Shops
  • Other public accommodation including leasing
  • University accomodation
  • Tourist centres
  • Industrial premises
  • Nursery schools
  • Fitness centres
  • Letting agents
  • Any business with staff and/or members of the public who have access to portable appliances

If so then its a legal requirement that all electrical portable appliances are maintained in a good safe working order.

Specialising in Portable Appliance Testing

  • Qualified PAT Testing Engineers utilise the latest PAT testing technology
  • Professional service providing comprehensive testing and reporting
  • PAT test scheduling consultation
  • 110V & 230/240V appliance testing

You can expect each PAT test to be undertaken with the utmost care and attention.

Each PAT Test will include:

  1. Visual inspection of the appliance, flex and plug top
    - Look for any visual signs of damage or overheating
  2. Open Each Plug Top
    - Inspect the fuse and connections
    - Tighten wire connections
  3. Electrical tests
    - The appliance is put through a series of electrical tests to insure that it is properly earthed (Earth Continuity Test, Class 1 appliance) and insulated (Insulation Resistance Test, Class 1 and 2 appliance).
  4. Labelling
    - A label is affixed to the appliance indicating whether it has passed or failed as well as additional information including the test date, re-test date and Appliance ID number assigned to it
  5. Records
    - A detailed record is given for each appliance tested as well as an inventory summary. These records will be made available in an electronic format (hard copy available upon request).

* Note - Replaced or rewired plug tops will be retested at no additional cost 

PAT Test scheduling

pat testingThe schedule of portable appliance testing is decided by several factors, this includes the type of equipment and its classification, the frequency in which it is used and/or moved and the environment in which it is operating.  Our PAT Testing Galway Engineers will specify your exact requirements.  We use the EEI Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 3rd Edition guidelines to help determine this.

Recent News

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    Feb 7, 2016

    Virgin Media (formally UPC) have confirmed on their website the ending of the MMDS service on April 18th 2016.

  • May 10 2015

    Secure4U Fire & Security

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    STS Electrical Services are delighted to announce our partner Security System Business Secure4U Fire & Security .


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